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11 Common Questions to Ask a Realtor When Buying a House

3 hours ago Easy! Ask a real estate agent! If you're working with a real estate agent, they can help ensure that the house you choose is a good fit for you and your family. But, to ensure it's a good fit, you need to make sure you ask the right questions. Check out this guide to learn the top questions to ask a realtor when buying a home. 1.

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Top 7 Questions to Ask a REALTOR® When Buying a Home

$7,600.6 hours ago Buyers should always ask about the age of the roof before making an offer on a home. The National Association of REALTORS® estimates that the average cost of replacing a roof is around $7,600. This is a huge expense, so it’s best to know right away whether or not this will be needed in the near future. A roof that needs replacing may also

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Questions to Ask When Buying a Home

1 hours ago If you can’t find it, ask the seller. You’ll want to find out what previous owners paid, but understand that the property tax, since it’s based …

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7 Important Questions to Ask Your Realtor Before Buying a Home

5 hours ago 7. How do your realtor fees work? Most realtors, instead of charging a flat fee, take a percentage of the final sale price of a property. Their commission is entirely dependent on the market. A booming real estate market can lower a …

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21 Questions to Ask a Realtor® When Buying Your …

Just Now Buying your first home can be a difficult process – especially if you don’t ask the right questions ahead of time. According to Kimberly Palmer, key contributor to U.S. News & World Report, a critical mistake first-time …

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Real Estate Questions Asked by Home Buyers—Answered!

4 hours ago Before you start digging around for a real estate agent’s number, we did the work for you. We asked real estate agents to spill the beans on most common real estate questions buyers ask them

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26 Questions That Buyers Should Ask a Real Estate Agent

4 hours ago In 2021, 88% of buyers purchased their homes through an agent, so choosing the right agent is a critical step to ensuring your homebuying success. To make sure you’re working with the best agent for your needs, here are 26 questions every buyer should ask real estate agents for both vetting before and while working together.

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66 Questions to Ask When Buying a House Redfin

5 hours ago You owe it to yourself – and your family – to find out everything you can about a home, especially since it will most likely be the largest investment you’ll ever make. To help you get started, we’ve created a list of 66 questions to ask when buying a house, broken down into each stage of the homebuying process to help keep you informed.

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5 Highly Effective Ways to Respond to Pricing Questions

9 hours ago Rather than giving a price, sellers say something like, “There are many options, and I need to understand your needs before I can give you an accurate quote.”. Fourth, you could offer a range based on average deal size or high and low price points. This response is meant to help the prospect without overpricing them.

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How To Ask For a Lower Price Without Offending When …

$1004 hours ago Be Reasonable When Negotiating. You really never know how low someone is willing to go, but if the seller is asking $100 for an item, there’s a safe chance that they aren’t willing to drop it to $10. An ask that low will likely offend them. A good rule of thumb I found somewhere is to start at 50% off for in-person shopping like at a yard sale.

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Can You Offer Less on a House? How to Lowball and

Just Now 5. Eliminate as many contingencies as possible. If you are making a lowball offer price for the home, you might consider keeping the contingencies to …

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11 Questions to Ask the Owners of the Home You're Buying

$230,000,2 hours ago Buying a home is one of the biggest and most important purchasing decisions a person will ever make.. With the median home listing price in the US at nearly $230,000, it is no wonder the process

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Negotiating Home Purchase Price Zillow

$5,0004 hours ago But be prepared to split the difference with the seller. Caution: Even in a balanced market, you can have someone swoop in with a better offer, so you don’t want to drag negotiations on forever. A difference of $5,000 on a $250,000 probably isn’t worth losing a great house over.

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Is It Too Low? What Is Reasonable to Offer Below Asking Price

$300,000,4 hours ago When it’s reasonable to offer 20% or more below the asking price. For a home that is priced at $300,000, asking for 20% off asking price could save you a whopping $60,000! One of the most significant factors that will work to your benefit when offering below asking is if it’s an active buyer’s market. When the market is in the buyer’s

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Real Estate Contracts: 20 Questions to Ask An Agent Before You …

8 hours ago 12. What is your fee and is it negotiable? Everything is negotiable and it doesn’t hurt to ask. However, if the agent accepts a lower fee, they may make that up elsewhere. If you are also buying, they may be willing to take a lower commission on the sales end if you agree to use them as your buying agent. 13.

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4 Questions Your Agent Might Not Answer—and Why

6 hours ago Question No. 4: How are the schools here? Because the racial divide can also run deep in U.S. schools, “a Realtor has to be careful not to let their answer be construed as a coded message about

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10 Questions To Ask A Real Estate Agent When Looking At Homes

5 hours ago By asking your agent the high and low price for similar properties (otherwise known as "comps" or comparables) you can make an educated offer on a home. market for a longer period of time could point to problems in the home or a seller who refused to change on the asking price. Ask your agent how long the home has been on the market, and if

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should you tell your real estate agent your lowest price?

"The primary thing I tell people not to discuss is the minimum price they will accept," notes Babbitt. "When you tell your agent your lowest price, they are going to shoot for that price in the contract. No agent will set the bar any higher than he or she has to set. Neither would you if you were in their shoes."

Do you ask your realtor questions when buying a house?

While you (as the buyer) will likely never meet the seller, you can ask questions through your Realtor. Most people have a good reason for selling their house and it never hurts to find out why. It could help you avoid a "lemon" or give some peace of mind if you decide to put in an offer. Do you give your Realtor a gift at closing?

How to answer the price question when selling a house?

Since most sellers delay responding to the price question, you’ll immediately differentiate yourself by giving the direct response the buyer is requesting. It also suggests you are tuned in to the buyer’s needs and unashamed of your prices.

How much below asking price should you offer on a house?

Another instance where a buyer may offer 1% to 4% below asking is when there are multiple offers on the table, and sellers typically accept the highest offer. While the majority of homebuyers are looking to save some money, making an offer above asking price isn’t unheard of.

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