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Cattle For Sale On The Cattle Range

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5 Hereford 1st-Calf Heifers w/ 2+ Calves Central TX. 375 Hereford Plus Bred Heifers W. Central TX ~ FD. 20 Reg. Polled Hereford Bred Heifers East TX. 2 Angus/Jersey Cross & Hereford/Jersey Cross Bred Heifers Central TX. 9 Hereford/Santa Gertrudis Cross Cows w/ 2+ Calves

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Asheville NC Polled Hereford Cattle Farm Claxton Farm Cattle

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Breeding Registered Polled Hereford Cattle Since 1976. Claxton Farm located in Weaverville near Asheville, NC, has been breeding registered Polled Hereford cattle since 1976 for purebred and commercial cattle operations. Our goals have adjusted to changes in the market place over time.

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Hereford Replacement Heifers For Sale Cattle Classifieds

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This is a quality set of 9 Hereford Replacement Heifers. These heifers will weigh 700+ lbs and they are $950.00. Replacement Heifers for Sale: 35 - Replacment Heifers - Texas SOLD. 35 open replacement heifers at $1300/head. Horned hereford heifers all up to date on vaccines.

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Cattle For Sale On The Cattle Range

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CATTLE FOR SALE. Recent Listings; Indexed by Cattle Class, Breed & State; Bulls; Bred Heifers; Cows; Cow & Calf Pairs; Open Replacement Heifers; Feeder Cattle; Stocker Calves; Show Cattle; Other Classes of Cattle; Embryos & Semen---

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Homestead & Miniature Cattle Breeder Directory

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We show our animals at Iowa State Fair, Louisville, Kentucky, Kansas City and more. We usually have heifer and bull calves for sale. • Taylor Miniature Herefords • Bloomfield IA • 641-208-5279 • email • Thousand Hills Miniature Cattle • Mini Herefords • Leo Miller • Prairie City IA • 319-230-5182 • email

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To Sell: Short classified ads are free for members of the NC Hereford Association. All ads must be for cattle or cattle related items. No new ads will be posted from March 1 - 30 each year. No prices will be posted in ads. To have an ad posted, please send your ad text along with contact information to be posted in the ad [email protected]

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American Registerd Black Hereford For Sale

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These cattle soon came to be called "polled," which means naturally hornless.Warren Gammon, a young Iowa Hereford breeder from Des Moines, originated Polled Herefords. He seized upon the idea of producing the hornless cattle after seeing some on exhibition at the Trans-Mississippi World Fair in Omaha, Nebraska, in 1898.

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Hereford Cattle For Sale SellMyLivestock

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Search Hereford Cattle For Sale. The Hereford breed is renowned for its docility, ease of calving, foraging ability, adaptability, and quality ‘marble beef’ that is in demand in the UK and beyond. Renowned for their good temperament, Hereford cattle are also prolific breeders, making them a great choice for optimising longevity and

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Classifieds Iowa Hereford Breeders Association

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This is a free service provided by the IHBA. Membership in the IHBA is required to list a “For Sale” ad. Members or non-members may submit Ads for cattle “Wanted”. Ads will run for a period of 60 days, and must be Hereford cattle related. After 60 days, ads may be updated and re-submitted.

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HeadAcres :: Miniature Hereford Cattle

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Miniature Hereford Cattle. Welcome to Headacres - A family run farm located in Bethany NC. Miniature herefords grow to be only 38' to 42' inches tall. They are much easier on the land and to raise and manages. We recommend you research this awesome breed …

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Debter Hereford Farm Hereford Bulls Hereford Cattle Alabama

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Debter Hereford Farm is a family ranching operation, located in north central Alabama. Debter Hereford Farm has been in operation since 1948 utilizing solid performance Hereford cattle. In 1972, Debter Hereford Farm held their 1st Annual Production Bull Sale in a tent behind the old white barn. The barn was built to shelter the mules used for

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Georgia Hereford Association

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Welcome to The Georgia Hereford Association Promoting the interests of Georgia Hereford breeders, improving marketing of Herefords , and cooperating with other Hereford associations and groups with similar objectives and purposes.

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Hereford Cattle For Sale Hereford Cattle Sale

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Ehlke Herefords. Hereford Cattle For Sale: Experience The Hereford Advantage. Ehlke Herefords is nestled in the Big Belt mountains of Montana, operating on 5000 acres of owned and leased ground,in the shadow of Mount Baldy. Owned by Mark and Della …

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WW Ranch Miniature Herefords » FOR SALE

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Quality WW Ranch Cattle for sale! Please contact us for availability of champion bred heifers, steers, cows, and bulls. Delivery is free within a 100 mile radius and $2.00 per loaded mile for greater distances from either our Texas Panhandle or Colorado location. Please call for additional cattle available for sale.

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Everything SellMyLivestock

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store-cattle. Category. Order By. Find Near Postcode Find Near Postcode Login to search location Wanted 53. Hide Sold 271. Hide Auctions 520. Species. Cattle 520. Types. Store 520. Breeding 240. Dairy 123 South Devon, Hereford, Longhorn Cross In-Calf Breeding, Store Heifers with Calves at Foot £ Login for pricing 15-110 mo Warrington

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Miller Herefords In Lebanon, MO

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About Herefords A Premium Breed The history of the Hereford cattle is a rich one. Originating in the county of Herefordshire, in the West Midlands of England, the Hereford made it's arrival to the states in the early 1800s. Due to its excellent markings and hardiness, the Hereford has become a viable breed sought after across the globe.

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Glory Farms Miniature Herefords

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Welcome to Glory Farms. Nestled on 80 rolling acres in Streetman, Texas, Glory Farms is Freestone County’s first Mini Hereford Breeder. Established in 1996, Glory Farms’ goal has always been to provide high quality grass-fed beef to our customers. In 2009, we sold the commercial herd and began a new venture with the Mini Hereford breed once

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Miniature Hereford Sales Barn : Bryan Hill Farm

6 days ago . 47 people watched

Miniature Hereford Bulls. We have many small, young bulls for you to pick from. They range in price from $1,500 to $2,500 each. Also have a year and half old, polled bull with nice color, conformation and temperament. He is priced at $3,500.

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Mini Hereford Cattle-Mid Sized RedAngus Raising Food Fit

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America’s premier mini Hereford cattle and Mid Sized Red Angus Breeder – customers on five continents and the Univ. of the Philippines. “Suitable for any size property”. 20+ years of selection for balanced, functional traits, and backed by a line-breeding …

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SPRING TRAIL RANCH Miniature Hereford Cattle " One Of The

8 days ago . 63 people watched

Miniature Herefords best diet is good grass. They thrive and prefer green grass over all other foods. Fourthly, minis' due to their shorter frame and stout body produce more meat than large cows which means you are getting more meat per pound of food eaten by the Miniature Hereford.

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Hereford In Victoria Livestock Gumtree Australia Free

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Miniature Hereford Cattle for sale X1Heifer - pure bred - rising 3 year old. Preg to very quiet proven Angus bull in 2020 - due to calf in next 2 months (Angus bull not for sale). $2,400. X1 12 month old heifer calf - pure bred - (father is a Registered Polled Miniature Hereford). $1,700.

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Mini's For Sale — JCS Miniature Herefords

5 days ago . 43 people watched

Miniature Herefords for Sale. I have only one animals for sale. This is posted on April 16, 2021. 44CC Rocky’s Sky 521 (43614260) AKA: Rocky. I purchased Rocky from 44 Cattle Company in Big Spring, Texas to be a second herd bull so I could breed all my cows. I got him in early 2016 when he was about 10 months old.

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American Hereford Hereford Sales

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View the up-to-date calendar of upcoming seedstock and commercial cattle sales in your area. Eastern Ohio Junior Hereford Association Show Jun 13, 2021 Wooster, OH. Junior Hereford Assn. of Mississippi Preview Show (June 18-20) Jun 18, 2021 Winona, MS. Midwest Classic (June …

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Hereford Kijiji In Ontario.

8 days ago . 28 people watched

Pure Hereford and Hereford, simmental steers for sale 500-1100 pounds Most are 750-1000 Been on pasture for 2.5 weeks ready to go on yours I have holding pens and Shute for easy loading. Vaccinated and double dewormed All nice quality cattle $24,500 for the group Text 519-300-0447 or …

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Hereford Cattle

The Hereford is a British breed of beef cattle originally from Herefordshire in the West Midlands of England. It has spread to many countries – there are more than five million purebred Hereford cattle in over fifty nations worldwide. The breed was first exported from Britain in 1817, initially to Kentucky. It spread across the United States and Canada, through Mexico, to the great beef-raising countries of South America. Today Herefords dominate from Australasia to the Russian steppes, including Israel, Japan, continental Europe and Scandinavia, temperate parts of Australia, Canada, the United States, Kazakhstan and Russia, the centre and east of Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, and New Zealand, where they make up the largest proportion of registered cattle. They are found all over Brazil and in some Southern African countries, notably South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Their original popularity among ranchers of the American Southwest testified to the hardiness of a breed originating in cool, moist Britain, but shown to thrive in harsher climates on nearly every continent. The World Hereford Council, is based in Britain. There are currently 20 Hereford societies in 17 member-countries and a further eight in 10 non-member countries. In the United States, the official Hereford organization and breed registry is the American Hereford Association, the second-largest society of its kind in the country.

About hereford cattle for sale near me

Polled Hereford Cattle for Sale. Displaying 1 - 20 of 124 . Class . For Sale: 6 Polled Hereford Bulls. Cottage Grove, Wisconsin. Listing # 32143194. For Sale: 10 Polled Hereford Bulls. Oakfield, Wisconsin. Listing # 32143153. For Sale: 1 Polled Hereford Bulls. Pekin, Indiana


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What are facts about Hereford cattle?

Hereford: Imported from England in 1817. Known for their grazing ability. Many females live and produce calves beyond 15 years of age. Hereford cattle are dark red , with a white face, crest, dewlap and underline.

What is the price of Hereford cattle?

An open Angus heifer calf, for example, can cost anywhere from $1,400 to as much as $1,800, while a full grown Hereford bull can cost upwards of $3,400., at the time of this writing, has hundreds of listings from farms located primarily in Texas and the surrounding regions.

What are some desirable characteristics of Hereford cattle?

A Hereford's breed thick hide, light-and-dark coat color, and ability to live off of grass and hay alone, make it able to adapt so readily to the different climates it lives in. Herefords cattle are known for their great temperament and docility (though there can be some crazy ones too), and because they require little management in terms of feeding, are one of the best breeds to raise on a ranch or range-like conditions where the most cows are selected to be able to fend for themselves ...

Do Hereford cattle have horns?

Hereford, which are medium to large-sized cattle (some cattle are small, like the Lowliness) red cattle with white faces, white nape over the neck (some lack this), white legs, belly and throat, and may be horned or polled. Bulls tend to have horns growing down, whereas cows will have horns growing up and out.

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