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Why Sellers Sell With Us DMC LLP Dentist Lawyers

1 hours ago

As of today, we’re saving dentists close to $500k in NOT PAYING COMMISSIONS to a real estate agent (based on not having to pay 10% of the sale price to a real estate agent). If you engage DMC to represent you in the sale of your dental practice, you don’t have to pay commissions to a real estate salesperson AND lawyer fees on top.


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Best Bang For Your Buck When Selling? DMC LLP Dentist

9 hours ago

(416.528.5280Broke-ers: want you to spend $$$ to get an appraisal and then hopefully list with them (they’ll refund you the cost of the appraisal if you pay them the 10% commissions). DMC Lawyers: call David Mayzel (416.528.5280) or Michael Carabash (647.680.9530) to get a genuine estimated range of what your practice could sell for today.


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Skip Going BrokeEr Why Real Estate Salespeople Aren't

7 hours ago

One, I’d like to think it’s because of our business model (one stop shop to prepare, market and sell practices) and the amazing results we’ve achieved (high prices, low costs, etc.). Second, I think it’s because DSOs (dental services organizations) don’t like dealing with brokers because they know they don’t add value to the


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Increasing the Value of Your Practice BEFORE Selling

9 hours ago

The influx of new grads and foreign-trained dentists into the marketplace, coupled with low-interest rates and 100% bank financing, and the limited supply of patients and practices for sale means that a well-run dental practice can sell for more than its appraised value and with fewer conditions required in order for the deal to move forward. 2.


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Considering Selling to a Dental Service Organization? 6

9 hours ago

DMC LLP has negotiated HUNDREDS of purchase and sale transactions since starting in 2010 and many deals with dental service organizations since they started entering the industry. We have the knowledge, skills and experience to get you the best deal in terms of purchase price and terms. 4. I Don’t Need an Appraisal.


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Are all Practice Appraisals Created Equal? DMC Dentist

9 hours ago

For example, if a dentist looking to sell their practice hired a real estate salesperson (often called a broker) to do the appraisal, that person would have an incentive to value it at the highest possible sale price to create a better picture for their client and maximize their potential commissions.


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