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Land Records Dane County Planning & Development

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Land Records and Support. Records and Support Division phone number: (608) 266-4253. Mission. To maintain the Real Estate Ownership Property List and Personal Property List for all of Dane County, except the City of Madison. To maintain the records of the Dane County Surveyor's Office, including the Public Land Survey System information on tie

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Index Dane County Planning & Development

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Our office is required to list the owners of real estate according to the recorded documents in the Register of Deeds office. If there was no type of documentation to change the ownership in the property (quit claim deed, divorce judgment, etc.) we do not have any way of changing the names.

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Dane County Planning And Development Department

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Determining that a parcel was created in conformance with county ordinances can facilitate private real estate transactions. In addition, the county zoning administrator may require that a parcel status determination be completed prior to the issuance of zoning permits for homes proposed under §10.16(3)(a). For these and other

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Floodplain Zoning Information Dane County Planning

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Floodplain development permits are required for any development occurring within the regulatory floodplain. Development is defined as any artificial change to improved or unimproved real estate including, but not limited to, the construction of buildings, structures or accessory structures; the construction of additions or alteration to buildings, structures or accessory structures; the repair

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Implementation Summary Table Chapter 2. Housing Processes

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10 2. Promote multi-lingual real estate services, financial education, homeownership training and housing programs DPD, DANE COUNTY HOUSING AUTHORITY, UWEX Ongoing 11 3. Continue support for the affordable housing inventory listings such as the Wisconsin Front Door Housing website, as well as the Tenant Resource Center’s apartment vacancy

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Dane County Planning & Development Department Racial And

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2 Housing Discrimination: Discriminatory practice by which banks, insurance companies, real estate agents, landlords, etc., refuse to rent, sell insurance products, limit loans, mortgages, offer housing, etc. within specific geographic areas to persons of a protected class.

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infrastructure, and lower real estate taxes) with the interests of landowners wanting to profit from the division of land for residential development. During many meetings with input from different viewpoints, a compromise has emerged. This Land Use Plan allows a higher …

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Comprehensive Plan CHAPTER 4

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insurance and real estate offices, personal services, business services, professional services, contract construction services, transient lodging, amusement, and miscellaneous services. There is no apparel retail within the Town. In addition, there are no grocery stores within the Town.

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Racial And Gender Equity Dane County Planning & Development

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Racial and Gender Equity and Inclusion. In 2017, the Planning and Development Department initiated a discussion on diversity and inclusion that included race, ethnicity, culture, gender, age, abilities and other protected classes. Diversity, equity, and inclusivity are high priorities shared by both our County Executive and County Board, and in

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Farmland Preservation Plan Draft 07-23-2012

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rebound as the real estate market recovers. In addition, drastic commodity price fluctuations, competition on a global marketplace, capital investment needed for modernization and challenges in transferring farms to a new generation create an uncertain future for farming in Dane County. Agricultural Land Uses Dane County Land Use Inventory

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