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Median Home Price Under $80K in 12 Sparse South Dakota

2 hours ago Dakotafreepress.com

Miner and Jones counties also offer median house prices under $80K. 23 South Dakota counties offer houses for a median price under $100K. Three of those low-cost housing counties—Mellette, McPherson, and Jackson—are among the ten South Dakota counties with the lowest average weekly wages .

Link: https://dakotafreepress.com/2021/06/14/median-home-price-under-80k-in-12-sparse-south-dakota-counties/

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Ag Land = 45% of SD Property Value, Bears 21% of K12 Tax

9 hours ago Dakotafreepress.com

Basically, ag land has the lowest return on investment of the three types of real estate which would be a good argument for its lesser tax rate. I hate to devote too much thought to this archaic system of taxing based upon presumed wealth (real estate tax) and necessary expenditures for living (sales tax) while we ignore the disparity of income

Link: https://dakotafreepress.com/2017/03/20/ag-land-45-of-sd-property-value-bears-21-of-k-12-tax-burden/

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Housing Crunch Gets Worse Under Noem; Biden Infrastructure

1 hours ago Dakotafreepress.com

Housing Crunch Gets Worse Under Noem; Biden Infrastructure Plan Can Help. By Cory Allen Heidelberger on 2021-05-16. Between national campaign fundraising trips to sunny Texas and Florida last winter, part-time Governor Kristi Noem muttered something about wanting to make South Dakota housing more affordable.

Link: https://dakotafreepress.com/2021/05/16/housing-crunch-gets-worse-under-noem-biden-infrastructure-plan-can-help/

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South Dakota 2015 Cost of Living 102.5% of Nat’l Average

6 hours ago Dakotafreepress.com

Mississippi ranks #1, as in having the lowest cost of living, 83.5% of the national average. The next cheapest states are Indiana, Idaho, Oklahoma, and Kentucky. Ranking 46th through 50th are, perhaps predictably, Alaska, California, New York, the District of Columbia, and Hawaii (the last at 168.6% of the national average).

Link: https://dakotafreepress.com/2016/02/23/south-dakota-2015-cost-of-living-102-5-of-natl-average-2nd-highest-in-region/

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South Dakota Posts SecondWorst State GDP in 2017 Q1

2 hours ago Dakotafreepress.com

The total amount bet on South Dakota’s slot machines and gaming tables in the first three months of this year was down 7.19% from Q1 2016 (we’ve recovered a bit: total gaming “handle” was down only 4.24% as of the end of June).I don’t have quarterly figures for the state lottery, but for the full fiscal year, July 2016 through June 2017, our spending on the tax on bad math skills

Link: https://dakotafreepress.com/2017/07/28/south-dakota-posts-second-worst-state-gdp-in-2017-q1/

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Augustana Housing Report Shows Complicated, Redundant

5 hours ago Dakotafreepress.com

All real estate development inherently requires a long time period. When the growth of Sioux Falls in housing substantially requires new land acquisition, infrastructure design, permitting and construction, and then sale of lots, there is not alot of things to …

Link: https://dakotafreepress.com/2017/01/17/augustana-housing-report-shows-complicated-redundant-housing-programs-sf-middle-class-dwindling/

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China Buying Soybeans, But Prices Still Low, Storage in

7 hours ago Dakotafreepress.com

China Buying Soybeans, But Prices Still Low, Storage in Demand, Farmers Not Able to Invest By Cory Allen Heidelberger on 2018-12-24 Ho ho ho: Reuters reports upcoming Chinese orders of American soybeans may raise their total December buy to …

Link: https://dakotafreepress.com/2018/12/23/china-buying-soybeans-but-prices-still-low-storage-in-demand-farmers-not-able-to-invest/

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SD Teacher Pay Rock Bottom in Region, Even Counting Lower

1 hours ago Dakotafreepress.com

Cory, real statistical data has been a bit soft about the effects of the wage increase in recruitment and retention. I saw interest in college students to come back to education majors that they had left; I believe (my college faculty friends can fact check me) education programs at our universities saw an up tick; I also believe there was a group of teachers who held off retirement for three

Link: https://dakotafreepress.com/2018/04/25/sd-teacher-pay-rock-bottom-in-region-even-counting-lower-taxes-and-cost-of-living/

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TenHaken Shares Marketing Clickbait About Sioux Falls

5 hours ago Dakotafreepress.com

Median price in San Francisco is $1,200,000. It seems like a lot until you’ve lived in it a couple years and realize your house has appreciated in value more than your net earnings in two years. Then you’re very pleased. As always, in real estate you get what you pay for.

Link: https://dakotafreepress.com/2019/05/18/51278/

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New GOED/Lawrence & Schiller Ads: Move to South Dakota

Just Now Dakotafreepress.com

about 15 years ago we had the choice of Madison, SD (where I was), or Montevideo, MN (where my wife was). The cost of living difference between the two was very small. what we saved in state income tax has been eaten up by higher real estate taxes, higher utility rates, and higher sales tax.

Link: https://dakotafreepress.com/2015/04/19/new-goedlawrence-schiller-ads-move-to-south-dakota-get-a-harley-dont-die-on-mars/

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Borglum Sees “Financial Disaster” Coming; Investors Head

1 hours ago Dakotafreepress.com

We’ve noticed significant price increases over the last year. Example: up to last year deals on paper towels for over 50 square feet for a dollar were common. Now you see those deals at 37 square feet per dollar. That’s not the normal price. That’s the deal price. That’s a 33 percent price

Link: https://dakotafreepress.com/2019/08/23/borglum-sees-financial-disaster-coming-investors-head-for-dollar-stores/

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Call for Proposals: What Bills Should SD Legislature Pass

4 hours ago Dakotafreepress.com

We tried this heading into the 2014 Session; let’s try it again!. Dakota Free Press readers include some of the sharpest policy thinkers in state. So let’s put on our thinking caps and come up with some proposals for the 2016 South Dakota Legislature to consider that would make our state better.

Link: https://dakotafreepress.com/2015/12/23/call-for-proposals-what-bills-should-sd-legislature-pass-in-2016/

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Iowa Company Botches Keystone XL Road Dakota Free Press

4 hours ago Dakotafreepress.com

Actually David, any individual or company may place a lien on real estate at any time. I don’t believe a register of deeds has the authority to refuse to accept this filing, assuming it is in statutorily correct form. It is not particularly unusual for someone to file a totally bogus lien as some sort of “legal weapon” to harm another person.

Link: https://dakotafreepress.com/2019/03/31/iowa-company-botches-keystone-xl-road-prep-slaps-liens-on-ranchers-to-pay-riot-boosting-ensues/

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Despite Weak Sales Tax Revenues, South Dakota Led Nation

7 hours ago Dakotafreepress.com

Even with low crop prices, agriculture still generated 2.01 percentage points of our Q3 gain, followed by finance and insurance with 1.69 points, wholesale trade at 0.75, durable-goods manufacturing at 0.40, and government (ah, sweet government!) at 0.39. Real estate/rentals and educational services sandbagged us a bit, posting the only sector

Link: https://dakotafreepress.com/2017/02/24/despite-weak-sales-tax-revenues-south-dakota-led-nation-in-q3-economic-growth/

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State Teacher Pay Board Agrees with Liberal Blog: SD Still

3 hours ago Dakotafreepress.com

The politics of resentment, which Grudz plays into, is real. Grudz’ mind is a little cloudy these days, but let me remind him that neither Cory nor I nor many people who commented on this blot thought the Daugaard measure was the best solution to low teacher pay. It was a half measure, a one year bump with little follow through.

Link: https://dakotafreepress.com/2018/09/03/state-teacher-pay-board-agrees-with-liberal-blog-sd-still-shorts-teachers/

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Flooding Part of Cost of Climate Change, Says Pentagon

3 hours ago Dakotafreepress.com

The latter is what we are doing at the moment because we like the initial low price tag. Adam 2019-04-16 Step One is for country folks to get their heads out of there asses. leslie 2019-04-16 N.Y., the son of a successful, albeit ruthless, real estate… 2021.07.26. The South Dakota Standard Our voting system is unfair, undemocratic.

Link: https://dakotafreepress.com/2019/04/13/flooding-part-of-cost-of-climate-change-says-pentagon/

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Biggest SD Industry Sectors: Finance, Government, Real

8 hours ago Dakotafreepress.com

South Dakota’s biggest private industry sectors are finance and insurance, real estate and rental and leasing, manufacturing, and health care and social assistance. Include the public sector, and government is the second-biggest contributor to GDP in our supposedly low-tax, low

Link: https://dakotafreepress.com/2018/05/11/biggest-sd-industry-sectors-finance-government-real-estate-agriculture-places-8th-in-gdp/

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Farmers’ Debt Increasing as Trump Deepens Trade War

8 hours ago Dakotafreepress.com

Non-real estate farm lending continued to increase at a moderate pace in the second quarter, according to the National Survey of Terms of Lending to Farmers. The volume of loans increased 11 percent compared with last year, the fastest pace of growth in the second quarter since 2011.

Link: https://dakotafreepress.com/2019/08/02/farms-debt-increasing-as-trump-deepens-trade-war/

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Three Farmers Give Evidence of Trump’s Harm to Agriculture

9 hours ago Dakotafreepress.com

Milk prices are down: Mark Rogin, a dairy farmer from the Garretson area, said milk prices had just started to move to the break-even point before all the tariff talk. He says milk prices now have dropped $2-$2.50 per 100 weight, which means a $450,000 loss per month for his operation [Epp, 2018.07.12]. Corn prices are down:

Link: https://dakotafreepress.com/2018/07/14/three-farmers-give-evidence-of-trumps-harm-to-agriculture-bjorkman-calls-on-congress-to-end-tariffs/

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Big Three from Daugaard: Amazon to Pay Sales Tax, State to

8 hours ago Dakotafreepress.com

The STAR Academy sits five miles south of Custer on Highway 385/89, near the Mickelson Trail. Choice real estate in the Black Hills? Start the bidding! Governor Daugaard issued the K-12 schools a threat on remedial coursework. The Governor said he is “very frustrated” that only 42 out of 150 South Dakota school districts are using the

Link: https://dakotafreepress.com/2017/01/10/big-three-from-daugaard-amazon-to-pay-sales-tax-state-to-sell-star-academy-schools-to-use-accuplacer-or-else/

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Treasurer’s Legislative Liaison Kyle Peters Right Man to

5 hours ago Dakotafreepress.com

The United States Government did not recognize any other claims to the land’s other than those with whom they were making the real estate deal with. Believe it or not, we still do that to this day in sales and it is called a private treaty (the agreement for the sale of a property at a price negotiated directly between the vendor and

Link: https://dakotafreepress.com/2019/01/08/treasurers-legislative-liaison-kyle-peters-right-man-to-testify-on-nepotism-in-state-government/

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Immigration Boosts Germany; Trumpists Sabotaging Economy

5 hours ago Dakotafreepress.com

As a real-estate investor, Sternlicht thinks about future demographic trends, and that’s another area where Trump worries him. But Donald Trump is capping the refugees America will take at the lowest level since the 1980s and hamstringing immigration and immigrant business efforts at every turn. which already has price/earnings ratios

Link: https://dakotafreepress.com/2017/10/28/immigration-boosts-germany-trumpists-sabotaging-economy-for-votes/

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March for Health Care in Aberdeen May 19 – Dakota Free Press

Just Now Dakotafreepress.com

Rounds is a “former” partner in Fischer Rounds & Associates, an insurance and real estate firm with offices in Pierre, Rapid City, Mitchell, Watertown and Sioux Falls. Jenny 2017-05-06 Rounds claims he’s a Catholic but doesn’t follow the historic Catholic Social Teaching to take care of the poor and vulnerable first.

Link: https://dakotafreepress.com/2017/05/06/march-for-health-care-in-aberdeen-may-19/

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DFP Bill #4: Implementing a South Dakota Personal Income

8 hours ago Dakotafreepress.com

For many low-income people who may also have a half dozen kids, no tax on food would mean they pay nothing to support the schools they load up. A corporate tax makes sense because we do not get any price breaks from corporations just because SD has no corporate taxes.

Link: https://dakotafreepress.com/2016/01/11/dfp-bill-4-implementing-a-south-dakota-personal-income-tax/

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