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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I run background checks after I hire an employee? Do you have a SOC 2 report? Does the applicant need to give his/her consent? How do I know if an employee gets a new criminal record? Is Backgrounds Online PBSA Accredited? Is the information I submit secure? …

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Service, Compliance And Education

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Compliance. We voluntarily demonstrate our commitment to compliance, security and excellence. Backgrounds Online is accredited by the Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA - formerly the NAPBS) and SOC 2 certified. Every member of our team earns their FCRA certification. Work with us to gain a partner you can always rely on.

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Employment Background Screening

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Simplified Background Checks. Make better decisions, faster with our newest account updates. A clear navigation allows teams to quickly and easily create custom packages, order background checks and view FCRA-compliant results.

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South Carolina Pushes For New Background Check Laws

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Lawmakers set out to establish new regulations for real estate agents. They recently passed a bill that will require South Carolina residents to undergo a background check before receiving a real estate license. Licensed agents will also have to submit to …

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Background Checks For Notaries

8 days ago . 30 people watched

A: Yes. Backgrounds Online conducts a thorough background check each year, and assigns specific point values to anything found on the person's record. Minor items, such as a traffic violation, have a small number of points. Larger issues, such as a criminal conviction, incur a large number of points. Once the background check is finished, the

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Construction Background Checks

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A: It is legal to hire people without running background checks, but doing so creates a lot of unnecessary risks. Construction workers are often required to have specific licenses, training and experience. Many people pad their resumes to make it look like they are qualified even if they are not.

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Baker’s Dozen Top Screening Provider

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Partner With Us. Want to work with a background check company that is passionate about creating compliant, affordable screening solutions? Our experienced and highly trained team is available to answer questions and assist you Monday through Friday from 5:00am to 6:00pm PT. Contact us today for prompt and friendly service.

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Government Background Checks

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A: FCRA compliant background checks are important whether you're hiring high-level government workers, entry-level administrative staff or any other position. Background checks help you avoid the risk of hiring unqualified candidates. These reports confirm an applicant's identity and verify their education and employment histories.

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New Orleans Passed A Ban The Box Law

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The New Orleans Law. On October 18, 2018 the city of New Orleans announced that they passed a new Ban the Box Ordinance. It prohibits city employers and contractors from including questions about criminal records on their job applications. These employers are still encouraged to run criminal background checks on job seekers, but only after

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A Federal Ban The Box Bill Passed In

3 days ago . 37 people watched

A proposed bill called the Fair Chance Act seeks to create a federal Ban the Box law. It would prohibit federal employers from including question about a job seeker’s criminal history on applications. Currently, applicants can be asked to check a box if they have any type of criminal record. People who do may be less likely to receive further

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Man With A Felony Record Becomes A VP In PA For One Day

4 days ago . 56 people watched

It showed that Smith had a felony conviction for eluding police in 2002 and contained other items that caused concern. According to Philadelphia Action News, Smith was also charged with sexual-based crimes in 2001 and 2003. Whether or not those charges led to convictions is unclear. The news team also learned about one man who is determined to

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California Bill AB5 Defines Employee Vs. Contractor

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Examples include licensed insurance agents, certain licensed health care professionals, registered securities broker-dealers or investment advisers, direct sales salespersons, real estate licensees, commercial fishermen, workers providing licensed barber or cosmetology services, and others performing work under a contract for professional

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Run And Review Background Checks Via ATS

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Joynd And Backgrounds Online. We’re excited to partner with Joynd, a company that empowers you to connect with us via 20+ of the most popular ATS software suites. This gives you even more options so you can easily use your preferred software to order background checks, see the status of your orders in real-time, view completed reports and

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Are Background Checks Run On Haunted House Employees

1 days ago . 53 people watched

They published an article that showed mixed results. Their investigation revealed that local haunted houses are not required to screen applicants. Each facility is allowed to decide if they want to run background checks on prospective employees. The news team discovered that some locations ran background checks while others did not.

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Do Salary History Bans Work

6 days ago . 27 people watched

It showed salary history bans “substantially close wage gaps, increasing pay for women by eight percent and black people by 13 percent.”. Another article from reported that states with anti-discrimination laws saw salaries improved by 5% on average. It also said the increases were up to 13% for black workers and 8% for women.

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Cuyahoga County HR Manager Loses Job Over A Conviction

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Jennifer Vickers was employed as a Manager for the Human Resources department in Cuyahoga County, Ohio. She reportedly beat out 306 other candidates who applied for the same position. Before anyone is granted a job with the county, they must first authorize a background check. A report on Vickers should have contained information about a

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Financial Background Checks

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A: Pre-employment (PEER) credit reports show details about an applicant's credit history, such as their status with current and previous creditors, payment patterns, bankruptcies and civil judgments. These reports are particularly important for Bank Tellers, Financial Advisors and anyone who will handle or oversee financial transactions. You must get permission from a candidate to run a

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Santa Clara County Will Expunge Records During The

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An announcement from Santa Clara County, California stated the court system will expunge approximately 11,500 marijuana-related convictions. This involves sealing records for more than 9,000 residents. These individuals won’t need to make requests or have any involvement in the process. It will be handled exclusively by the county.

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We Were Named A Top Background Check Provider

5 days ago . 46 people watched

The holidays are approaching and you may need new hires to meet the demands of customers. Backgrounds Online is here to help: Customize screening packages for any position. Send hundreds of background check invitations instantly if you need to screen numerous applicants. Provide real-time status updates for each order.

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HR Professionals Encourage Employers To Hire Former

9 days ago . 52 people watched

They also say hiring former convicts provides three primary benefits: 1. Employers gain a more diverse pool of potentially qualified workers. 2. There is an intrinsic value to providing second chances to people. 3. When former convicts land jobs, they can improve their lives and the community. See the Pledge .

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Suggested Real Estate Background Checks. Backgrounds Online offers annual screenings that check for more than 100 offenses. The person who is screened will receive a Pass or Fail grade based on the results. We did not establish the scoring process, but we can adjudicate disputed results if necessary. To set up annual screenings, please contact


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Real estate is generally a great investment option. It can generate ongoing passive income and can be a good long-term investment if the value increases over time.

How much can you make in real estate?

Real estate is often a referral-based business. Those who are involved in the business longer typically are the most successful. Those with 16 years or more experience earned the highest real estate income: approximately $78,850 on average.

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Dallas tops the list of real-estate markets over the period studied, exhibiting strong price appreciation, while remaining a market in which investors saw strong rents relative to property values.

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Manhattan real estate is the most expensive in the US per square foot with some properties topping $10,000: Study. Move over San Francisco — the Big Apple tops Silicon Valley as most expensive place to live in the United States, a new study shows.

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