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This House For Sale Is Perfect For My Cars And I'll Tell

1 days ago . 57 people watched

Besides cars, looking at real estate on Zillow is one of my favorite hobbies. I’m not in the market for a new home, but I like finding properties that are perfect for the life I hope to have in 5-10 years. This house for sale in Wesley Chapel, Florida is a perfect example and I’ll tell you why.

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Own Your Own Piece Of Mount Panorama AutoMoto Tale

4 days ago . 51 people watched

It features a six bedrooms and three bathrooms split across a main residence and a detached extension as well as a shed and an orchard. “Bathurst is home to some amazing pieces of real estate, each located in their own distinct suburb or locality that makes them truly unique,” reads the marketing material for the property.

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HOA Sues Man Over Classic Ford Pickup Parked In Driveway

6 days ago . 57 people watched

According to Wikipedia’s description, it’s “a private association often formed by a real estate developer for the purpose of marketing, managing, and selling homes and lots in a residential subdivision.” Its most important function, however, is to oversee and control neighborhoods and make sure people there live comfortable and in peace.

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Take 5 With Scott Sullivan AutoMoto Tale

4 days ago . 41 people watched

The most important thing about having a car low is to take a bunch of small changes instead of taking it all out in one place. I usually Z a frame about 2 inches, but I’ve seen guys take 7 inches. That doesn’t work. The car has to have the real estate to allow everything else to clear.

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What Do Real People Think Of The New Ford Ranger

6 days ago . 49 people watched

Ben | 30, real-estate developer . Ben has never owned a pickup, but he grew up on land with an apple orchard and has driven many trucks. He now lives in the upscale East Grand Rapids area and drives a Jeep Grand Cherokee. Previously, he owned a BMW 335xi. Ben’s now eyeing a new Jeep Gladiator, but he’s intrigued by the Ranger.

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Lightly Camouflaged 2022 Lincoln Navigator Caught In The

9 days ago . 57 people watched

The added screen real estate should allow the Navigator to better compete with vehicles like the all-new Cadillac Escalade and Jeep Grand Wagoneer. While you might think that Lincoln borrowed the 15.5-inch screen used by the latest and greatest Ford vehicles – including the Mustang Mach E and F-150 Lightning – that’s not the case here.

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Kespry's New Thermal Drone Inspection Can Accurately

7 days ago . 53 people watched

For the commercial real estate, insurance, and management industries, news of a fully autonomous, user-friendly method that can tell you whether or not your structure is trouble (or potentially will be in the future), Kespry’s software could arguably change how leaders in these industries operate, and where they spend their money.

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Here’s The Electric Mercedes-Benz EQS Sedan’s Screen

7 days ago . 57 people watched

Measuring 56 inches wide and accounting for 2.6 square feet of real estate, the concave Hyperscreen dashboard will feature haptic feedback on the center and passenger sections to make it feel like you’re pressing physical buttons. This is accompanied by an optional HUD capable of what MB calls “augmented reality projections.”

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Daily-Driving A 1968 Cadillac Eldorado Will Make You Feel

9 days ago . 58 people watched

Real estate commands a hefty premium in Vancouver, so Owston had to rent a space at a storage complex in the outskirts of town to park this disco yacht. The car is all-original, runs and drives, but bares a few scraps and burses from living in an industrial side of town.

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Best Cars Of The 2018 Los Angeles Auto Show: MotorTrend

4 days ago . 56 people watched

The interior is just as classy. Case in point: The engine-turned aluminum detailing in the center console—normally the provenance of Bentley—is a premium touch in a world filled with (real or fake) burled walnut, or cheesy, played-out carbon fiber. -Mark Rechtin

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Wide Streets, Massive Garages: Meet The Neighborhoods

8 days ago . 54 people watched

The only active real estate listing in the neighborhood is to the tune of $1.5 million—and yes, it has a glorious garage. That might seem expensive (and for the average person, it is), but these are pilots that we’re talking about. It’s quite a niche market that these particular houses are catering to. After all, how many homes in America

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McLaren Is Selling Its Global Headquarters For $256

2 days ago . 52 people watched

The new sale has been commissioned by McLaren for Canadian real estate firm Colliers, which is now looking to sell its Woking headquarters for £200 million GBP, or $256 million USD, which as Autoblog points out is roughly 13 times as much as a 1994 F1 LM-Specification. The center is located an hour outside of London and spans across the McLaren Technology Center, the McLaren Production …

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Faraday Future Investor Evergrande Wants To Launch Its Own

3 days ago . 59 people watched

China’s Evergrande started out in real estate, but now it wants to become a major manufacturer of electric cars. After investing in existing automakers, Evergrande now plans to start production of its own line of electric cars in June, according to Reuters.

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2021 Mercedes-Benz S-Class Shows Off Opulent Innards

8 days ago . 53 people watched

With screens dominating most of the real estate, the cabin remains free of extraneous buttons and switches. Smaller rectangular air vents replace the old circular vents and are tucked out of the way. Just like with previous generations, expect top-notch materials on the new S-Class, including the finest leather, open-pore walnut wood, aluminum

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Hot Wheels Treadmill Racing Is A Truly Great Form Of

3 days ago . 53 people watched

So, if you’re wondering how treadmill racing made it onto your feed, the simple answer is a real estate agent experimented with his channel, and the YouTube algorithm worked its magic. And you know what? This is one time when we’re all a little better for it. Source: Read Full Article.

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The 2022 Grand Wagoneer’s Opulent Interior Is Why They

5 days ago . 57 people watched

But the real star of the show isn’t just the long wheelbase, however, but the ultra-swanky interior meant to elevate the eight-seater SUV into a premium extension of the Jeep brand. From 75 inches of total screen real estate to a 23-speaker McIntosh sound …

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25 Big-Block Building Tips AutoMoto Tale

Just Now . 41 people watched

Compared to the previous “Fire Power” Hemi engines, the B and RB engines used cylinder heads with wedge-style combustion chambers that were generally as good at power production the Hemis, but didn’t soak up nearly as much underhood real estate.

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2019 Detroit Autorama: Autorama Extreme AutoMoto Tale

6 days ago . 54 people watched

During the Detroit Autorama, that real estate is covered with vehicles, vendors, and attractions. But show doesn’t stop there. Take the elevator down to the basement and you enter another exhibition area, known for three days as Autorama Extreme. This subterranean show-within-a-show started in 2005 and is where you will find vintage (or

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2021 Cadillac Escalade Review: The Standard Of The World

Just Now . 57 people watched

I cannot believe how few interiors provide sufficient real estate for both driver and front passenger to store their phones and beverages. From the pictures, it appears maybe only the driver can store their phone in the square cup (with the USB cord coming from in front, requiring the phone to be stored upside down), despite the center console

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Jeep Forward Control Custom Vintage Camper Is Beyond Cool

6 days ago . 58 people watched

A long wheelbase FC-170 model, it makes good use of the sprawling real estate aft of the cab with a homemade camper conversion. We were turned on to this truck by the enthusiast site BangShift, where another nice writeup of this unusual truck exists. Like us, they’re impressed by this truck’s lack of serious rust as well as the camper shell

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5 Car Brands You Forgot Disappeared In The 1990s

6 days ago . 49 people watched

Japan’s auto industry skyrocketed through the late 1980s on the back of the so-called Bubble Economy, which punched valuations on everything from corporate stocks to real estate through the roof. Wanting to get in on what it perceived as a never-ending party, Mazda made a major push to expand its operations both in its home country and Europe

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Confessions Of A Navy F-14 Fleet Pilot Turned F-5

9 days ago . 50 people watched

Despite the fact that a carrier is an enormous 1,100-foot long ship, it is illusory when it comes to space inside. 5,000 people are crammed into that tiny real estate and there is no room at all for comfort or lounging—except for in this one room on Ranger.

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In-Depth Look At Rivian's History, Funding & Present

6 days ago . 57 people watched

Two of the most notable pieces of the puzzle — which help to secure a startup’s success — are real estate (in this case a working factory, as well as multiple functional locations) and funding. These are two pieces that seem to be missing from most …

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Maruti To Set Up Smaller Nexa Showrooms AutoMoto Tale

9 days ago . 54 people watched

There are over 360 outlets in more than 200 cities and they contribute to more than 20% of Maruti Suzuki’s total sales. However, falling sales have prompted the company to focus on smaller towns and cities. The cost of setting up a dealership in tier-I cities has increased due to high real estate prices, while operational costs have also gone up.

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Tesla Cybertruck Giga Austin Land Cost Tesla Less Than

6 days ago . 55 people watched

B ased on price per acre, t his is the best real estate deal yet for Tesla when it comes to Gigafactory land, aside from a plot that was essentially free. For comparison, Tesla’s Shanghai Gigafactory cost 973 million Chinese Yuan (~$140 million USD) for just 214 acres. That’s a whopping ~$650,000 per acre.

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2020 Toyota Highlander, Highlander Hybrid Gets Refined

Just Now . 55 people watched

Now with 12.3 inches of real estate, Toyota says the optional multimedia system is the biggest in the segment. That said, it’s only available on the range-topping Platinum trim. Customers of lesser models will have to get by with a still-adequate eight-inch display. While the bigger display isn’t standard, the Highlander follows the trend

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2022 Acura MDX Interior Review: A True Luxury 3-Row SUV

2 days ago . 56 people watched

Between the 12.3-inch gauge cluster and infotainment displays—both standard across the range—the MDX is adorned with literal feet of digital real estate. Yet, Acura’s True Touchpad infotainment interface, which relies on a trackpad instead of …

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Watch How Cops Use Tesla Autopilot To Stop Alleged Drunk

3 days ago . 57 people watched

Samek, who runs a multi-billion-dollar real estate outfit, The Kor Group, was contacted by SFGate on Friday, but refused to talk to reporters. The incident raises some interesting questions, the most puzzling of which is how Samek managed to keep the car operating while seemingly asleep.

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This Horrifying Collision Is Why Sweden's "Moose Test

8 days ago . 59 people watched

The sad event of large wildlife meeting moving vehicles is common in rural areas around the globe. But with a full-grown moose, such collisions can get horrifying real quick. This video showing a wrecker crew removing a massive dead moose from a Ford Focus Estate shows how violent one of …

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2020 BMW X1: 6 Pros And 5 Cons AutoMoto Tale

7 days ago . 45 people watched

Last year’s optional 8.8-inch screen became standard kit for the 2020 X1, but the larger screen just gives more real estate to the confounding infotainment software. Apple CarPlay is on board, but there’s no Android Auto , and combining the control of nearly all of the vehicle’s multimedia functions into one rotary knob makes for one

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The Best Used Mercedes-AMG Cars To Buy In 2021 AutoMoto Tale

6 days ago . 61 people watched

AMG E63 S Estate (W213) Though AMG has unquestionably branched out into other areas with considerable success, the heartland is in big, fast, moody four-door saloons. Cars like the Hammer are AMG icons, and it's the uber E-Classes that continue to …

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2019 Lincoln Nautilus: 9 Things We Like And 4 We Don’t

Just Now . 57 people watched

This lengthy list includes the Lexus RX, Acura MDX, Cadillac XT5, Mercedes-Benz GLC and Infiniti QX60, to name just a few. That’s because in the world of luxury automobiles, the hottest real estate right now happens to be SUVs that expertly blend power, safety, tech touches and loads of room for passengers and cargo.

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2021 Nissan Armada: 5 Pros, 4 Cons AutoMoto Tale

Just Now . 49 people watched

The multimedia system is not without its quirks. A lot of features only use two-thirds of the display. Native navigation gets the full real estate, but almost everything else — including Apple CarPlay and Android Auto — has to share. There are 10 options of what to display on the smaller side of the screen, like a clock, turn-by-turn directions or the weather forecast.

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Like Rain In The Desert: Driving To Palm Desert In The

9 days ago . 55 people watched

Once there, I switched into Mud and Sand mode, locking the rear differential, turning off the traction control, and locking the Raptor in 4Hi. I slid and shimmied down the isolated road for a while before noticing the fresh tire tracks that ran with mine; I soon discovered that this neatly maintained dirt road led to some exclusive real estate.

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2019 Volvo XC40 Vs. 2019 Acura RDX: Compare Cars

4 days ago . 49 people watched

By comparison, the RDX doesn’t feel as efficient. A thin-feeling drive mode selector knob takes precious real estate under the infotainment screen and dour interior colors make the RDX feel smaller than its dimensions. The XC40 offers neon orange carpet, if that does anything for you.

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Carlos Ghosn Re-arrested, Accused Of Using Nissan To Cover

2 days ago . 59 people watched

At the same time, Nissan is also trying to block access to homes used by Ghosn in Beirut and Rio de Janeiro (roughly worth RM36.6 million and RM12.54 million respectively), part of a global network of real estate owned by the carmaker and provided to …

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The Most Iconic Sponsor Liveries In Racing: Rothmans, Gulf

Just Now . 59 people watched

This was a strange little episode in F1 history as a Japanese real estate agent first sponsored the March team (pictured), then bought it. The team’s peak came in the 1990 French GP, which Ivan Capelli led and almost won. But team owner Akira Akagi was implicated in a financial scandal, and the team – which had boasted Adrian Newey as

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What's The Best Compact SUV Of 2019

2 days ago . 35 people watched

Unavailable frills: "With a price at the lower end of the field and a wealth of thoughtful features, the CR-V is a real value for smaller families. But you'll have to do without some newer amenities, like a panoramic moonroof, a heated steering wheel or a 360-degree camera — features that some or all rivals have at this price level," said Meier.

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Making Sense Of The NASCAR Finish At Talladega AutoMoto Tale

6 days ago . 61 people watched

Making Sense of the NASCAR Finish at Talladega. Denny Hamlin was the first to cross the finish line and was declared winner of the YellaWood 500 on Sunday at Talladega Superspeedway — but it starts to get a little complicated after that. Matt DiBenedetto was second across the line, .086 seconds behind Hamlin, and was initially scored the

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Best Hybrid Cars To Buy 2021 AutoMoto Tale

6 days ago . 43 people watched

With an all-electric range comfortably above the 29-mile cut-off and WLTP-rated emissions of 31g/km, the X5 45e will have a Benefit-in-Kind (BiK) tax rate of 12 per cent for the 2020/21 financial year, meanwhile a diesel-engined xDrive30d will mean a BiK of 37 per cent. 9. Kia Niro. Economy: 201.8-217.3mpg.

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MG5 EV Review AutoMoto Tale

1 days ago . 28 people watched

The MG5 is a no-nonsense family estate that offers decent practicality with the efficiency benefits of all-electric drive. It won’t suit buyers looking for any sparkle and shine on their driveway, as the MG5 lacks any pretension or showy, extravagant character.

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Why Japan’s Second F1 Race Didn’t Take Off AutoMoto Tale

6 days ago . 61 people watched

The track was the brainchild of real estate developer Tomonori Tsuramaki, who chose a location in the Fukuoka region in the south west of the country – not quite as far away from Tokyo as it was possible to get, but close.

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2019 Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid Review AutoMoto Tale

3 days ago . 50 people watched

The 8.8 kWh, 25.0 Ah lithium-ion battery takes up a good bit of real estate in the trunk area that ditches the spare tire and adds about 500 pounds over a standard Crosstrek model. Instead of a spare, there’s an air kit behind the 60/40-split fold-down rear seats.

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2020 Lamborghini Huracan Evo First Drive Review AutoMoto

5 days ago . 58 people watched

For a real-time display of what LDVI is doing, the Evo has 8.4-inch inch touchscreen mounted vertically above the ignition button. Select LDVI mode, and it shows a top-down view of the powertrain, axles, and wheels, lighting up bits to show torque split (front/back, left/right), while digital gauges show the attitude of the four-wheel steering

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Best Long-term Reviews 2020: Lockdown Life With Our Cars

3 days ago . 57 people watched

It still makes a proper racecar noise, though, and sounded pretty intimidating as it cruised up behind the bright-orange Focus estate for the pictures. Of course, Supervan 3 is a Transit in name only; it’s scaled down from a real van and is, in effect, a race chassis with a …

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How We Made A BMW E46 330d Touring Quicker Than An E92 M3

5 days ago . 58 people watched

By now, you’ll know that our BMW E46 330d Touring – aka Gareth – is marginally quicker than an E92 M3 on track. And sure, it took the entire nine-episode series to get there, but remember…this is still a sub-£10,000 diesel estate that pulls like a whipped …

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New Volkswagen Arteon R Shooting Brake 2021 Review

8 days ago . 51 people watched

4.0 out of 5. Buy used for less at Buyacar. Verdict. The Volkswagen Arteon R Shooting Brake is an accomplished and exclusive fast estate car. It’s a shame the cabin quality can’t match its image, but in typical VW R fashion, the hottest Arteon’s driving dynamics mean it feels superbly secure and surprisingly rapid.

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