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Mo.. Real Estate Com. August 10, H)4o to be or holds himself out to the public as a LIG:l!JNSED real estate broker or deal- er and who for a compensation or valuable con~ideration, u.s a whole or partiul vooa• tion • sells or o:L'f'ers for sale, buys or

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Top 10 Consumer Complaints

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Real Estate and Construction (1,221) The Missouri Attorney General’s Office received 1,221 complaints from consumers regarding home repair, construction, and real estate. Complaints involving home repair contractors are among the most common type of complaint received by the office.

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Human Trafficking In Illicit Massage Businesses

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4. Closing Loopholes in the Commercial Real Estate Industry 70 5. Ending Online Practices that Legitimize Illicit Massage Businesses 72 6. Shifting the Media Narrative to Increase Public Understanding, Decrease Public Tolerance 75 7. Working Together to Ensure Victims Receive Robust, Culturally-Competent Services 79 Conclusion 83 Methodology 85

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ALIENS : The Right Of A Hindu To Own Real Estate In Missouri.

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real estate by an alien. Under that statute an alien can take by purchase a defeasible title, and hold it subject to the same conditions that the common law imposed. " The conditions under which an alien might take title to real estate by purchase and hold the same at common law are very concisely set out in Fairfax v. Hunter, 7 Cranch, 603. 1 .

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SUNSHINE LAW: A Public Governmental Body May Decide In

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of real estate by a public governmental body shall be made public within seventy-two hours after execution of the lease, purchase or sale of the real estate; Before reviewing the particular question posed, a review of Chapter 610 RSMo, the Sunshine Law, is in order. It is the expressed view of the General Assembly that

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COLLECTOR'S DEEDS: Purchasers Of Property At Third COUNTY

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mortgage, lease, lien or claim on said real estate. At least ninety days prior to the date when he is authorized to acquire the deed, the purchaser shall notify any person who holds a publicly recorded deed of trust, mortgage, lease, lien or claim upon that real estate of the latter person's right to redeem his security or claim.

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MOBILE HOMES: A Person Who Sells Or Offers For

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activities of real estate agents and brokers. We fino no express or implied exemption from the provisions of Chapter 700, RSMo 1978, for real estate agents or brokers in Chapter 339. Neither do we find such an exemption for agents in Chapter 700. Chapter 700 establishes mobile home standards for the State of …

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REAL ESTATE: Where buildings located on leased lands have been assessed as personal property, the amount of the taxes for the years that the buildings have been so assessed may not be included in the sale of such buildings for delinquent real estate taxes at the delinquent tax sale. May 29, 1959 F \LEI Honorable Charles E. Hansen

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REAL ESTATE: Mut~orit¥

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REAL ESTATE: Mut~orit¥ of State to sell real estate. t.:r . John ;.:. Bruner, Chief of Police, Jeffer son C1 ty, .10. :lear .;;> ir: ~reb 12, 1936. FI LED / " e r egr et t hat we have taken so long to acknowledge receipt o:f your request for an official opinion under date ot Februar7 7, 1936, as t …

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Buildings On Leased Hea~ Estate

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n 1 tlon of the term "real estate''. Under sone circm1stances, the Dnprovo~ents on l eased pr emi ses may not be considered as real entate. .tteferring t o our tax statute for a definition of theterm "real est aten, I find thut under section 11211 H.~. t:o., 1939, the term "real propertyn etc., is defined as fol l o'·'s:

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MISSOuRI REA~ I Issued To Copartnerships,

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11 Ma.y the members of tlle H11ssouri Real Estate Corainission re(1uest an opinion in ret;ard to the wording of ;.:;ieotion 2 and Section 9 in regard to a fee i'or & co­ partnership, association or corporation, as it appears the wording of these sec­ tions m.;_~y be ambicuous. '11he Oo.n1trlission is interestoG. in deflning what the cor­

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Rl!:AL ~S'l'ATE COMlviiSSION: Soliciti6~

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reliable real estate brokers and salesrnen thro1J;,hout the land to promote and demand legi~:ilative supervision and regulation • of those engaged in this ,business. A casual exam:lna.tion of the statutes of different states diecloses that many have en-acted real estate brokers' laws …

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COLLECTOR, CITY: Collector Of City Of Third Class

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real estate taxes within the city boundaries, requests that the county collector proceed to collect these taxes and it unable to collect the same, to advertise and sell aaid real estate tor delinquent taxes in the same manner aa it the real estate were subject to delinquent county taxes. "Barry Count7 i …

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CONVEYANCE OF PROPERTY -REAL ESTATE: fourth class city to a not-for-profit corporation for the purpose of establishing a historical museum would violate Article VI, Sections 23 and 25 of the Missouri Constitution. FOURTH CLASS CITIES: MUSEUMS: PUBLIC BUILDINGS: The Honorable Charles Ballard State Representative, District 140

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REAL ESTATE. STATE TAX COMMISSION. Beginning July 1, 1999, it will be unlawful for any person who is not licensed or certified by the Missouri Real Estate Appraisers Commission as provided in Sections 339.500 to 339.549, RSMo, to, for a fee, develop and communicate a real estate appraisal before the State Tax Commission or a local Board of

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AG Schmitt Obtains Default Judgment Against Hammond Floors

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The judgment awards $43,280.77, which includes $24,800 in restitution for six Missouri victims and $19,020.77 in costs, fees, and penalties. The judgment also prohibits Hammond and his company from accepting advance payments in connection with real estate, construction services, or appliances in the future.

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TAXATION AND REVENUE: Real Property Owned By Agri­

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t1on 1f, for 1nstances, 1ts real estate was merely-rented out and th8:renta!s devotea-­ to its objectives-=whi~is not the law. ~*~ (Emphasis ours.) -----In addition to the authorities cited hereinabove, since Sec­ tion 14170, supra, specifically sets out for what lawful purposes

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TAXATION: · Authority Of County Court T O COUNTY COURT

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on the assessor, in compiling said real estate book, to procure the descriptions of land and names of owners from the l~nd list book kept by the recorder ot deeds and to carefully note and enter in proper places all changes and names of oBers or descriptions of land since compiling the last real estate book. Section 11000,4J, Ko.

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~TOWNS AND VILLAGES: Delinquent Taxes·of Any Town Or

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would like to know if he can sell real-estate for non-payment of taxes the same as he does for non-payment of county and state taxes or v1hether or not he would have to first bring a suit arid obtain judgment and then proceed to sell the real-estate." II. Section 7260, R.S. Mo . …

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9742, 1929, 9977 N . 1929,

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all property, real and personal, ·is subject to t axation, and paragraph 8 of section 4S of the Code defines l and, real estate, and r eal property as including 'lands, tenements, hereditaments, and all rie~ts t hereto and inter ests t herein, equitable as well as legal .' "2. It is equally well sett led t hat,

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APPRAISERS: Beginning July 1, 1999, It Will Be COUNTY

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Section 339.503(16) defines "real estate appraiser" as a person who for a fee or valuable consideration develops and communicates real estate appraisals or otherwise gives an opinion of the value of real estate. Section 339.503(1) defines "real estate appraisal" to include an opinion relating to the value of identified real estate.

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: Iil-.l'L --- April 16, 1942 I

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Real Estate Commi sslon may exer cise its discretion i n re­ fusing a broker's license to tl.e accountant employed by t he Kansas Gity Power & Li ght 0ompany, by r eason of Sec­ tion 7 of the Missouri Re~l Estate Commission Act , Page 427, wherein it stat es: " * -::-and who are competent to

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USURY: It Is The Opinion Of This Office That The Making

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to the loan described because it involves a loan secured by real estate and is, therefore, specifically excluded by Section 408.100. Section 408.030, RSMo provides as follows: "The parties may agree, in writing, for the payment of interest, not exceeding eight per cent per annum, on mone~ due or to be­ come due upon any contract.

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COUNTY BOARD OF EQUALIZATION: Cannot Equalize .alues …

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.erty, real or personal, of each county which it believes to be valued above its real value in money such per centum as will reduce the same in e case to its true value." It will be noted. that f'or the purposes of equal!• zation this section requires all property to be divided into classes. Real estate being in two classes, nwmely;

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TAXATION: The Microwave Station Including UTILITIES

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the tower, equipment, and real estate on which it is situated owned by the American Telephone and Telegraph Company and located in Morgan County should be as­ sessed by the county assessor of Morgan County. COUNTY ASSESSOR: May 30, 1973 Honorable Flavel J. Butts Representative, District 132 Room 235A, Capitol Building

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ASSESSORS: Compensation In Counties Containing Lesa Than 40

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a list containing only real estate. Ninth. That the county and the state shall each pay onc-half•ot the compensation for taking lists, and tor making proper entries in both the land list and the personal property list." In Sparks v. Clark, 57 ~o~ 58, and DaTidson T. Laclede …

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C/~~ ~ L. J'· .z¥-~ F L L

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a land list or real estate book for assessment purposes, and the County cannot necessarily be required to pay the Assessor therefor. c/~~ ~ L. #-5)1 -J'· .z¥-~ February 4, 1938 Mr . Marti n L. Neat, Assessor, St. Loui s County, Cl ayton, Missouri. tF l L la E 0 Dear Sir: …

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REAL ESTATE: The term "any instrument conveying real property or any interest therein" as used in Senate Bill No. 22, 75th General Assembly, refers to any instrument or document that passes from one party to another any legal or equitable interest in real property, whether such instrument or document be a Deed, Will or other instru­


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Is real estate a good investment right now?

Real estate is generally a great investment option. It can generate ongoing passive income and can be a good long-term investment if the value increases over time.

How much can you make in real estate?

Real estate is often a referral-based business. Those who are involved in the business longer typically are the most successful. Those with 16 years or more experience earned the highest real estate income: approximately $78,850 on average.

What is the best real estate market?

Dallas tops the list of real-estate markets over the period studied, exhibiting strong price appreciation, while remaining a market in which investors saw strong rents relative to property values.

What is the most expensive real estate in the US?

Manhattan real estate is the most expensive in the US per square foot with some properties topping $10,000: Study. Move over San Francisco — the Big Apple tops Silicon Valley as most expensive place to live in the United States, a new study shows.

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