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A Couple Dumoulin Rifles For Sale

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One Safari Sportsman in .416 Rigby, one Super Safari Sportsman in .375 H&H Magnum. Both in very good condition, both $2500 (each), both 26", both listed online. RIGBY: 375 H&H: Contact for more pics, details.

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African Sporting Creations Shooting Sticks, Courteney

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For over 15 years we have offered one-of-a-kind products for the discerning adventurer. Whether you are traveling to Africa on a photographic safari, trophy hunting in Texas, or simply enjoy the finest hand-crafted pieces to be found anywhere, we know you will appreciate our safari-inspired products; 85% of which are available nowhere else on this continent.

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Hunting Rifles For Sale Impact Guns

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Hunting Rifles. Make your next hunting trip more successful by choosing the very best hunting rifle for sale at Impact Guns. When you hunt, you know where your food comes from—and you help with population control. From classic bolt-action hunting rifles to semi-automatic hunting rifles, we have a firearm for every hunter.

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Gun World Burbank The Friendly Gun Shop 818-238-9071

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Lookup: California DOJ Roster, list of approved “handguns certified for sale” for citizens of the golden state (one more article), California Ammo Background checks, One gun every thirty days, standard capacity magazine restrictions, Age restriction on firearms for adults in California it a case of can own but can not buy, and semi-auto rifle restrictions in California if you want a head

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Identify Your Best Africa Safari Rifle — Ron Spomer Outdoors

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Identify Your Best Africa Safari Rifle. In a previous post we outlined suitable cartridges and bullets for hunting African plains game. In this post we’ll figure out the best Africa safari rifle. Versatile enough to handle 2,000-pound eland down to 10-pound dik dik antelope. Light enough to carry yet heavy enough to moderate recoil.

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Discount Rifles & Hunting Rifles For Sale Sportsman's Guide

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Rifles . Best prices on all Rifles at Sportsman's Guide. We now have a complete collection of firearms for hunting & shooting. We offer many types such as Bolt-Action Rifles, Semi-Automatic Rifles and Lever-Action Rifles.From trusted brands, including Savage, Remington, Browning, Smith & Wesson, CZ-USA, Mossberg and more!

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Die Skietwinkel Offers A Wide Range Of Hunting Rifles For Sale

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Feel free to contact us for the best advice and service or if you are looking for a specific hunting rifle that is not available on our website. If it's available, we'll find it for you..22 LR.22 LR HOWA M1100. R 8999.00.22 LR MARLIN XT Varminter. R 5900.00.22 LR NORINCO. R 4000.00.22 LR ROSSI 8122.

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Recommended African Firearm Calibers

7 days ago . 36 people watched

The two rifle battery for this hunt is similar to the buffalo hunt combo battery, but the larger rifle can be a 30/06 or a 300 caliber firearm. The smaller rifle can then consist of your favorite deer rifle such as a .270 or 7mm. You do not necessarily have to take two rifles to Africa. One rifle will suffice if necessary.

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The Most Iconic Rifles And Cartridges From African Safaris

6 days ago . 58 people watched

Ron Spomer. The falling block single-shot rifle is an Africa safari classic that remains a solid choice for sport hunters backed up by doubles and repeaters in the hands of their PHs. This Dakota M10 in 7x57mm Mauser proved perfect for a South Africa

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LA Gun Store Your Source For Guns In Los Angeles

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Save On a Range Membership. One Year - $115.00 When You Purchase a Firearm In Our Store. One Year - $115.00 When You Purchase a Firearm From Our Online Gun Store. These guys know guns. It’s as plain and simple as that. — Cristina M, Lake Balboa. This place is great. The guys here are really friendly and helpful. — Jagg M, Granada Hills.

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.500 Jeffery African Safari Rifle! Elephant Headache

8 days ago . 53 people watched

It is Empire Rifles African Standard Express Rifle. This gun is one of the first 10 built, and it feeds and shoots flawlessly. First it has a beautiful AA straight grain piece of walnut with lots of life (which is perfect for big bores) that carries elegant English sporting rifle lines.

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Buy Guns Online And Shop MidwayUSA

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Buying guns online made easy by MidwayUSA. Whether you’re a first-time buyer or not, our huge selection of guns online combined with our easy steps on how to buy a gun online make MidwayUSA the best place to shop for guns. Shop our unrivaled selection of handguns, rifles and shotguns from the industries top manufacturers and we’ll ship it to the FFL near you.

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Five Best Calibers For Hunting Africa With The African

4 days ago . 55 people watched

Five best calibers for hunting Africa – medium to small game 243 – this smaller, long-range caliber is ideal for hunting the open plains of the Free State. It is a great flat-shooting caliber that can take down medium sized game from blesbok and smaller.

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SAFARI OUTDOOR South Africa's Biggest Hunting, Outdoor

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Previously Owned Firearms. You can now sell or trade in your old firearms at Safari Outdoor. We offer a previously owned firearms sales service. You can either sell your firearms to us, trade it in when you buy a new one or you can simply buy previously owned firearms from us. READ MORE.

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Dakota Arms Rifle Local Deals, National For Sale & User

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Dakota Arms Model 76 280Rem nice wood. Dakota Arms Model 76 280Rem 24" threaded barrel with end cap,fancy Bastogne walnut stock with nice fiddleback,ebony forend tip,rifle only $2995,with Leupold VX-5HD 2-10x42 30mm sco (read more) Gun #: 953958973. Seller: First Stop Gun.

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Rifles Hunting Rifles, Sniper Rifles, & Assault Rifles

5 days ago . 60 people watched

EuroOptic Africa has a variety of rifles, for sport or survival, food or foe, including assault rifles, sniper rifles, hunting rifles, to suit your needs. With high-quality manufacturers like Accuracy International, Blaser, Kimber, Remington, and many more, you’ll be sure to …

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Low Cost Dangerous Game Rifle

8 days ago . 29 people watched

The new African feeds and ejects cartridges smoothly, is more compact and quicker to the shoulder. It handles and carries like a deer rifle. The Ruger African is very similar in weight and configuration to my old Husqvarna 9.3X62, except that it is a new rifle with a better recoil pad and a more modern cock-on-opening bolt system.

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Guns / Firearms For Sale And Wanted Gunbroker

5 days ago . 46 people watched

PCP Air Guns CMG 27/09/2020. Walther Lever Action air rifle NEVER FIRED, Purchased for office wall display, still in mint condition. 8 shot magazine, 2 x H2O cartridges (70 shots), […] 1121 total views, 6 today. R10,000.00.

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Affordable Dangerous Game Rifles — Roundup

6 days ago . 44 people watched

Photo Courtesy: Savage. The Savage Model 116 Bear Hunter. This one’s a sleeper, in that the Savage line of rifles — while a popular choice for North American game, as well as African plains game — isn’t generally thought of as a dangerous game choice. However, the Bear Hunter configuration is available in .375 Ruger, a perfectly viable

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9 Best Dangerous Game Dream Guns Ever Made Gun Digest

8 days ago . 54 people watched

This is one double rifle I can attest to having spent a good amount of time with; I was lucky enough to be the first hunter to take the gun to Africa. Chambered in the classic .450/400 3” NE, the 89B cleanly took an old Cape buffalo bull in Mozambique’s Coutada 11, on a classic hunt in the forest/savannah, and carried and shot like a dream.

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11 Of The World's Most Powerful Rifles

6 days ago . 38 people watched

The goal with the 458 HAM’R was clear, Wilson Combat wanted to create a splash with the most powerful hunting rifle in the world in 2020. It’s a hybrid AR-15/10 with the bolt from the AR-10, which can withstand pressures of 46,000psi, which does make it the clear winner in the ‘sub 50 Cal’ section of this competition.

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Riflescopes Huntalot South Africa

3 days ago . 35 people watched

Riflescopes For Sale Online In South Africa at is South Africa's #1 Online Hunting Shop offering the widest range of riflescopes for sale online in South Africa.. South African heritage is steeped in hunting tradition, where settlers had to …

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Guns For Sale In South Africa

9 days ago . 29 people watched

Welcome to the largest Hand Gun store in South Africa! Need assistance? Call Us - 083 544 9184(George, Owner & Sales) Please do not SMS or Whatsapp Office Hours(Weekdays):8H00-17H00.Saturday 8H00-12H00

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Rifle Calibers And Their Killing Ability

7 days ago . 40 people watched

The 30-06 when shooting a 180 grain bullet is a medium African Hunting caliber but when shooting 220 grain bullets it becomes a big game African hunting caliber. The 30.06 has never been a successful caliber for hunting of African plains game but is outstanding for the hunting of game in the African bushveld with the heavier bullets.

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About african hunting rifles for sale

Page 4 of 508 results. Contact dealer on: 0715866070. Your details have also been sent to the dealer. 4. 2 months. Wildlife and hunting Guns and rifles. Used. Gauteng - Johannesburg. The BSA Mercury a break barrel, spring powered, Air Rifle first produced in 1972 by …


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What are the best hunting calibers for African game?

Additionally, the .375 H&H does all this with a manageable level of recoil, thus making it arguably the best big game caliber for hunting in Africa. There are a wide range of bullets weights and types available from the major manufacturers, though 235gr, 250gr, 270gr, and 300gr are the most commonly used.

Which is the best African country for hunting?

Located on the west coast of Africa between Angola and South Africa, Namibia was one of the best kept secrets in African hunting for a long time. However, hunters have recently discovered that Namibia has some of the best (and most reasonably priced) plains game hunts anywhere on the continent.

What to bring on my African safari hunt?

The Ultimate Packing List for Your African Safari Dressing for Your Safari. Safaris are generally casual affairs, so you can leave your evening-wear at home. ... Clothes and Accessories. Top Tip: Ladies, on the bumpy roads of Africa, a decent sports bra is your best friend. Toiletries and First Aid. ... Electronic Devices Pack For a Purpose. ... Final Tips. ...

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